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My name is Jocelyn Tunney and Loumi (Halloumi) is my forever soulmate dog, who I lost in May of 2020. My husband and I have lots of lovely animals, but you know that one you have a forever special relationship with? That’s Loumi. I’m honoring her by making her the namesake of my store. I also have a formal education in weaving, so “Loumi” seemed like the perfect name! After running my own organic yarn company, O-Wool, for twelve years, I decided to change my store to a general organic yarn marketplace and carry other organic brands. There are many things I love about organic yarn, but the main one is the animal welfare component. Animals are at the heart of everything I do. Part of organic certification ensures the sheep live a natural life and are treated with respect. And Loumi loved every living creature she came into contact with. She embodies the spirit of organic yarn. If you would like more detailed information on the Global Organic Textile Standard all of our yarns adhere to, please read the FAQ!

From my heart to your needles.

I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years, and eating vegan for 3. After living in cities for 15 years, and dreaming since I was a child of having my own farm… my husband and I finally did it. Our 11 chickens and 5 ducks came with us and now live in a fabulous area we call “Duckie-Town”. In the farmhouse lives senior rescued Pit Bulls The Monkey (blind, deaf, diabetic, with kidney failure and cancer, living her absolute best life) and The Weenie (a three-legged wonder), and our giant puppy Herman (who is extremely mischievous). We try to foster with City of Elderly Love animal rescue when we have the time and space. An outdoor cat decided he lives here now, so we named him Benjamin and he’s our barn cat. My horse of 7 years, Chubbs, came with us (of course - he’s my equine soulmate) and takes me on peaceful rides around the neighboring farms. And of course we had to get him some friends. Parker is a former racehorse who I’m retraining for his second career as a show pony. Tanqueray is an older fellow whose owner needed to rehome and retire him. In addition to the equines, adopted mini-pigs Dr. Leo Spacemen D.O. from Last Chance Ranch, and Artemis from Ross Mill Farm, keep things spicy. I spend my free time knitting in our comfy farmhouse, and horseback riding as much as possible! If you follow me on Instagram, you will see entirely too many photos of all of our animals, and a few of yarn, too. Our long-term goals for the farm are to help as many animals as we can. My wonderful husband Patrick, despite being born and bred in the city, has taken to country life quite readily, and is the greatest partner I could ever ask for.


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